Adrian Sadłocha

Hello there!

My name is Adrian Sadłocha. I'm a software engineer with years of experience building web APIs. In the spare time I learn new technologies, build stuff and play board games.

Commercial Experience

Most of my commercial experience involves design & implementation of Python web APIs (using Flask, Pyramid and others), management of relational databases (writing and optimizing queries, managing migrations), and automation of web applications deployment (on GNU/Linux servers).

My frontend skills are basic. I write valid HTML and know elementary CSS. I have experience with React and I don't fear vanilla JavaScript.

I enjoy uncommon challenges. I did deobfuscation and reverse engineering of JavaScript files, as well as automated captcha solving (both textual and graphical).

Personal Projects

I wrote my first "hello world" in 2006 and fell in love with GNU/Linux in 2008. Since then I've made dozens of personal or educational projects in the following languages: assembly (multiple architectures), C, C++, C#, Elm, Java (also for Android), JavaScript, Perl, Python, R, Rust and TypeScript (also with Angular).

My software has been deployed on Debian, Ubuntu and FreeBSD servers.

(I hope to learn monads/burritos Haskell and some ((Lisp)) dialects in the future.)

My personal projects include GUI applications, CLI tools, web applications and small scripts. Below I mention some of them:


I'm a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science (Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science, Warsaw University of Technology in Poland).


If you think I can help you, drop me an email: adrian at sadlocha dot eu.
I currently live in Dublin, Ireland.